See what's brewing in Omaha!

What's Included on a Tour?

  • A four hour guided tour visiting two Omaha area breweries and The Casual Pint Craft Beer Market.
  • All public tours meet and begin at The Casual Pint Countryside - A Craft Beer marketplace with a great centralized location.
  • Beer! A flight of 4 4oz beers. Except for the brewery tour stop, where you will get a pint.
  • Tour at one of the brewery stops.
  • Transportation, including use of a gigantic cooler to store all the beer you buy along the way (or bring with you!).
  • Snacks and water while on the bus.
  • Please arrange for a safe ride home after the tour.  We suggest our pick up/drop off optional add-on($40/group) or Uber/Cab.  

What Does a Tour Cost?

  • $55 per person
  • $25 for a designated driver (no beer included)
  • Private brewery tours and bus charter available
Founded by brothers Kyle and David Vannier

Founded by brothers Kyle and David Vannier

The Omaha Brew Bus is here to introduce you to local breweries.  Our mission is to help you find your new favorite beer!  Along the way we will educate you on brewing and beer tasting in an informative, fun, and relaxed tour.

The Omaha craft beer scene is growing rapidly with nearly a dozen breweries in the Metro area to explore.  Like most things in life it’s who you know, and our relationships with the breweries will give you a behind the scenes look at what they do every day to make their beer awesome.  We will drink their flagship beers in the tasting rooms and also try some more unique creations that are sometimes only available at the brewery.

The Omaha Brew Bus isn’t just for beer nerds like us. If you enjoy beer but have never tried a craft beer before, hop on and let us help you discover local beer!

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