Craft Beer Tours

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Omaha's craft brewery scene is is growing by the minute! In the past 6 months 3 new breweries have opened in addition to the 8  established and additional breweries are slated to open in 2018.  In a effort to keep up with the changes in the brewery scene we have changed our tours. We will still have 3 stops on each tour. We will visit breweries on a rotation to give you the best of the local craft beer scene. 

What's Included....

  • Visit 2 breweries and The Casual Pint Craft Beer Market 
  • One brewery tour
  • One flight of 4 at each stop, or one pint at the brewery tour stop
  • Driver & personal tour guide
  • Complimentary water & snacks
  • Seats for up to 13
  • Use of gigantic cooler & ice
  • One local beer in the cooler per person to start off the trip.